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[2018-07-16 14:35:01] #Newsid: 15367 | View: 2151

Großstädte wachsen in der Spieleschmiede!

Im Städtebauspiel Card City XL wachsen die Städte der Spieler von ganz allein - falls die Planung stimmt ...

Städtebau für Gelegenheits- und Vielspieler

In Card City XL von Alban Viard müssen die 1 bis 4 Bürgermeister und Städteplaner sich um die Bedürfnisse ihrer zuerst sehr kleinen, aber immer schneller wachsenden Stadt kümmern. Dabei werden die Stadtviertel nur dann von allein größer, wenn ihre unterschiedlichen Voraussetzungen erfüllt sind. Dank wählbarer Schwierigkeitsgrade muss man kein Vielspieler sein, um seine eigene Stadt zu errichten; Aber Profis stellen sich der Herausforderung des höchsten Komplexitätsgrades!

Aus 240 unterschiedlichen Spielvarianten werden mit der gleichzeitig erhältlichen Crime-Erweiterung 480! Mit einer Wahl aus 3 Komplexitätsgraden, 5 unterschiedlichen Spielzielen und bis zu 4 Spielvarianten gibt es 240 spürbar unterschiedliche Arten, Card City XL zu spielen! Mit all diesen lässt sich die Crime-Erweiterung kombinieren, die im Rahmen des Spieleschmiede-Projektes gleich mitgefördert werden kann.

Mithilfe der Spieleschmiede wollen AV Studio Games eine komplett deutsche Version des wandlungsfähigen Städtebauspiels ermöglichen. Interessierte können sich selbst ein Exemplar inklusive der Crime-Erweiterung sichern. Link zum Projekt:

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[2018-07-15 21:35:01] #Newsid: 15366 | View: 10158

Cuisine Royale - Who Knew Kitchen Utensils Were So Deadly and So Popular!

Based on the overwhelmingly positive reception for this year’s April Fool’s Joke, which was initially meant to be a limited-timed release, Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software released their all-kitchen-warfare MMO shooter Cuisine Royale as a standalone title. Available now on Steam, Cuisine Royale has been added to the library of more than one million Steam users in less than a week, appearing at #3 in Steam’s “New and Trending” section under Free-to-Play Games.

Built on upcoming squad-based multiplayer shooter Enlisted, and combining the latest flavors in the video game industry, Cuisine Royale pits players in a vicious “Battle Royale” deathmatch mode. Armed with nothing but their skivvies, players must locate and stockpile an arsenal of World War II weaponry, ranging from various pistols and rifles to heavy machine guns. In addition, kitchen utensils, such as cooking pots, colanders, waffle-makers and frying pans, are also available, adding the necessary ‘spices’ to serve players with an entirely distinctive Battle Royale experience.

Dinnerware and kitchen utensils, which have long been overlooked in terms of their combat capabilities in other games, will finally be able to show off their true potential in Cuisine Royale. Players can use a colander as head protection, equip a wok pot as a formidable breastplate, or strap on a massive waffle maker to be protected even against the largest calibers of weapons. Some of the items found in game can be used both in defense and offense, like the versatile pancake pan that can shield against incoming bullets as good as it can brain enemy players. Other items that can be found on the battlefield are even more exotic: Strapping on a medical dropper will provide the player with accelerated health regeneration, a set of glasses will increase weapon accuracy and chewing on a cuban cigar will turn the player into a real Tough Guy able to withstand even more physical punishment!

Of course, besides an impressive arsenal of kitchen utensils and exotic items, players can also use a wide array of more traditional Battle Royale equipment. The available weaponry in Cuisine Royale includes various melee weapons, such as knives and axes, and - among many others - famous firearms, like the M1 Garand and Mosin Nagant rifles, the Thompson or MP40 submachine gun, or even the renown AKM assault rifle. Also available in-game are Loot Boxes in various degrees of rarity, but in Cuisine Royale they are entirely, 100% free. Scattered around the battlefield in the form of fridges, they include not only delicious foodstuffs to increase player health, but also contain weapons and other equipment.

Developer Darkflow Software has already announced additional features to follow the game’s successful launch, including the soon to be released squad feature for cooperative play and character customization options. Ready your wartime recipes and aim for three stars in Cuisine Royale, the all-kitchen-warfare Battle Royale MMO shooter. Everyone cooks his own victory!

Official website:
Get it on Steam:

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[2018-07-15 04:35:01] #Newsid: 15365 | View: 23243

Explore The Multiple Personality Disorder Of A Teenager In Distress In ‘Who Am I: The Tale Of Dorothy’

Indie game developer and publisher Onaemo Studio is proud to announce the STEAM release of Who Am I: The Tale of Dorothy, a compelling interactive story-game, in which you must aid a teenager in distress by unravelling her inner most nightmares, secrets and dreams.

Who Am I: The Tale of Dorothy features Dorothy Watson, a young 14-year old teenager in middle-school. She appears to be a normal functioning child but in reality, she is hurting and endures a psychological pain she does not deserve. Dorothy experienced trauma in her childhood, and it has left her scarred; she suffers from dissociative identity disorder, commonly known as multiple personality disorder, which split her into several personalities. Unless you help her out, she might never adjust to her new life and will be a tormented soul forever. 
Who Am I: The Tale of Dorothy is a beautiful interactive story-game where your task is to play her counsellor talking to each of Dorothy’s personalities while she sleeps. In this dream space, you can use your skills to integrate the split personalities to heal her mind. But each is very sensitive to your questions and the answers might surprise you, and in worst case you might drive a wedge between Dorothy and the other personalities, doing more damage than good. As the game plays out you ask a wide variety of questions and are given answers that bring tears of joy and sadness, depending on which personality you are confronting. Do you have what it takes to save Dorothy?
Who Am I: The Tale of Dorothyis available from here:

Developer Website
YouTube Channel

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