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[2023-09-20 18:35:01]  #Newsid: 18526 | View: 3315

Prodigious ‘Highrise City’ Releases  with Massive Content Update! / PC Steam

Highrise City, the ambitious city builder from FourExo Entertainment and Deck13 Spotlight, has officially left Early Access and is now available via Steam and GOG! After nearly two years in Early Access, this extraordinary mix of city builder and economy simulation was shaped with the help of a more than just loyal community and is OUT NOW!

A game that changed

Looking back, the game which went into Early Access originally is a different one from what Highrise City is today - from visual overhauls to more complex resource systems. From reworked UIs to massive performance upgrades, allowing players to build multi million citizen cities. With countless huge updates the gameplay was shaped during the development process of Highrise City. Players can now look forward to a competent city builder which gives them the control over everything.

New features to explore
The release update comes loaded with new features. New players can experience a small story and take on research missions. Power lines now have to be built, including substations. Shopping Malls are required by the citizens and mega skyscrapers can be unlocked during the late game. And if players manage to build a multi staged space port they can even unlock New Game+ content with alternate building modes for experienced players.

The transport is public now operational
And yet there’s more. Public transport through buses is now available. Players can set up custom lines to reduce traffic in their massive cities. New resources are available, mayors also need to take care of hazardous waste and the overall balancing, performance and features got slightly finetuned and improved.

The time has come to finally start building mega cities like you’ve never seen them before. With millions of inhabitants, a complex economy system and well balanced systems for beginners and experts.

Highrise City is now available in its full version on Steam and Good Old Games. Don’t miss out on this ambitious city builder and become a part of the community!