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[2023-05-13 18:35:01]  #Newsid: 18255 | View: 6349

Holomento reports back with the massive Evenfall Update!

Holomento, the stunning permadeath action-RPG with rogue-lite elements, where players will not only explore a massive world, but also rebuild it, just received a massive content update on Steam and Good Old Games. The Evenfall Update is a huge milestone in the development of Holomento, reworking tons of systems and adding even heavier tons of Content.

Holomento offers a handcrafted massive overworld which the player can influence over time, while the dungeons are procedurally generated. Players will need to rebuild villages and towns, unlock shortcuts and complete various challenges. Gather resources, fulfil quests, fight dangerous monsters in the wilderness and explore mysterious dungeons.

The Evenfall Update is the biggest drop of new systems, features and content the game received so far during its Early Access journey. Players can now experience the freshly added Travelers’ Guild, including a new mini-dungeon. Additionally, the building and upgrade system for towns has been reworked and redesigned and is now connected to a fully fleshed out quest line, countless new enemies found their way into the game and quite a collection of regions received a facelift.

When Holomento launched into Early Access in April 2022 it was a completely different game and the community feedback did not only improve the game but radically influenced the whole development. Since launch many systems, from combat to how quests work, have been updated based on player feedback, shaping the game into a unique genre mix which is now getting filled up with content for countless hours of pure gameplay fun.

Holomento is out on Early Access and just received its biggest content update during the Early Access journey. Interested players can get the game and help by shaping further updates. The full launch is planned for early 2024 on PC and…with maybe more systems.