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[2023-05-15 09:35:02]  #Newsid: 18258 | View: 4830

Mystery Dungeon Adventure ‘Dungeon Drafters’ Casts Its Way Onto PC

The long-awaited mystery dungeon crawler combines deck building and tactical battles, all wrapped up in a colorful pixel art adventure with roguelite elements! DANGEN Entertainment released its highly anticipated mystery dungeon adventure Dungeon Drafters on all major PC platforms on Steam. The digital release will be available, along with a 76 track original soundtrack and a Steam bundle including both. A new launch trailer with never-before-seen gameplay has been revealed to commemorate the release.

In Dungeon Drafters, players choose one of six characters with unique starting decks, dive into distinctly-themed ancient ruins, and battle it out from room to room in turn-based combat. Players are encouraged to employ clever card combos with different archetypes to defeat their foes, loot rare cards and build their own ultimate spell deck that will allow them to clear bosses and work their way toward the final battle and rid the world of forbidden cards.