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[2023-03-17 23:35:01]  #Newsid: 18159 | View: 5838

SWORDS of GARGANTUA Available on Meta Quest and Steam

Players can now access the new offline mode and get a new free sword “Deathbringer” as the popular online multiplayer sword-combat simulator VR game returns to global audiences. Thirdverse, a virtual reality game developer and publisher, has announced that its popular multiplayer VR game, SWORDS of GARGANTUA, is available globally on Meta Quest and Steam for Quest 1, Quest 2, Rift, and PCVR devices. The game, which initially launched in 2019, has been updated with a new offline mode, giving players a chance to practice their sword-fighting skills alone, and all players will get a new free sword “??Deathbringer”. The game has received high ratings and reviews and has been awarded several industry accolades, including «Steam Best of VR 2020 Bronze,« «Oculus Quest Store Hall of Fame 2020,« and «Oculus Quest Store Hall of Fame 2021.« Players who previously purchased SWORDS of GARGANTUA have access automatically starting today.

Meta Quest:

SWORDS of GARGANTUA features realistic VR swordsmanship, where players can swing, stab, crush, and parry with over 170 weapons to fight their way through 101 floors of enemies to reach the colossal end-boss, Gargantua. Thirdverse added over 140 new swords since that game launched in 2019, and today, a new mechanized one-handed sword “??Deathbringer” was added for players to smash enemies with its black, blunt blade. Each play-through gives different floor advancement choices along the way, making it a rogue-lite action game. Players can keep all the weapons, items, coins, and stat upgrades collected through each play permanently and combine excess weapons to make stronger versions to aid in progressively difficult battles. Players can also enjoy co-op multiplayer with up to three other adventurers and use native voice chat to call the shots and defeat Gargantua.

Official Website: