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[2021-05-25 16:35:00]  #Newsid: 17125 | View: 3645

‘Cloud Cutter’ Offers Classic Retro Arcade Action, Stunning Next-Gen Visuals & Mind-Blowing Gameplay

Indie game developer and publisher Just Two Ltd is proud to announce the worldwide release of Cloud Cutter, a fast-paced retro arcade shooter with intense action, stunning graphics and out-of-this-world destruction and mayhem. Available via STEAM, Cloud Cutter was inspired by shooter-classics, such as Rayiden, Aero Fighters, 1942 / 1943 and has quickly received positive reviews for its epic destruction, arcade-style power-ups, lasers and multistage boss fights!  

Cloud Cutter offers a blast from the past in a series of visually impressive stages. Your task is to blast your way through hundreds of enemies in an ever-changing environment. Collect in-game powerups to improve your firepower and enjoy the explosive action as you take down and destroy incoming freighters, jets, helicopters, tanks and so much more! Apply lasers to your fighter and pinpoint targets for an all-out war! Battle against enormous and intimidating bosses at the end of each stage to progress and enjoy the old-skool action wrapped in glorious graphics. Featuring 13 detailed stages with challenging missions, the game is a treat to hardcore fans of the genre. You can even play with a friend in local co-up mode for a truly breathtaking experience; work your way to victory as a team! 
Cloud Cutter was developed using the Unreal game engine and is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBOX in addition to mobile. Cloud Cutter is available for download via STEAM:

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