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SpielxPress - Welt der Spiele in einem Magazin. Folgen Sie uns auf den Spuren der Spiele aus aller Welt und unterhalten Sie sich - Spiele regen die Phantasie an und helfen zu entspannen.
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[2020-11-17 14:28:23] #Newsid: 16922 | View: 2392

[TheArmyPainter] GAMEMASTER Product launch TODAY!

Die folgende Meldung kam gerade herein und wir wollen Sie Euch nicht vorenthalten:

The Army Painter invites EVERYONE to join us live on YouTube today, November 17th, where we will show off the GAMEMASTER Dungeons & Caverns Core Set for the very first time.

Whether you're descending into murky caverns or ancient dwarven mines, the GAMEMASTER Dungeons & Caverns Core Set is the first of its kind, a totally unique approach.

With this product and in this presentation we will showcase that creating how fun
and extremely easy it is to build your own dungeon setting. This set has absolutely EVERYTHING you need to build any subterranean setting - for any RPG system or skirmish miniature game.

The entire staff at The Army Painter have toiled tirelessly to bring you this new range, which we are extremely proud to present to you. Do not miss the opportunity to to be the first to witness GAMEMASTER made for adventurers by The Army Painter.

The Army Painter Team

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