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[2020-08-15 00:35:02] #Newsid: 16754 | View: 64

Dead by Daylight Mobile introduces new Mode 

Behaviour Interactive, Canada’s largest independent development studio, is proud to announce a first in the history of its iconic 4v1 multiplayer game Dead by Daylight the arrival of a new game mode called Training Mode available exclusively for mobile. 

Training Mode allows players to hone their skills against a Bot, enabling them to practice in a risk-free environment. This also allows players to try out a character without affecting their in-game ranking. The Bot’s difficulty level will scale depending on the rank of the player.

Apart from this new groundbreaking mode and starting today, mobile players will have access to the Classic Ghost Face outfit as well as others fan-favorite cosmetics. Meanwhile, the new Cook Out collection, out now, features brand new outfits for: The Clown, The Huntress, Ace Visconti and Jane Romero.

Dead by Daylight Mobile offers the same gameplay experience that players have come to love from the original title, optimized for mobile and tablet devices with intuitive controls and carefully crafted experiences. The game has reached more than 7 million downloads worldwide on iOS and Android since launch in April 2020. 

About Dead by Daylight Mobile 
Dead by Daylight Mobile is a fully-fledged mobile iteration to the fan-favorite asymmetrical multiplayer horror game from Behaviour™ Interactive. In Dead by Daylight Mobile, five players jump into a match where one plays as a crazed killer and must hunt four survivors on a terrifying map. Players take on the role of both killer and survivors in a deadly game of hide and seek. Dead by Daylight Mobile are available on the App Store and Google Play Store. For more information, please visit

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[2020-08-14 11:35:01] #Newsid: 16753 | View: 596

Netflix Original Cursed: Nimue strandet in neuem Trailer in einer anderen Welt

Nach dem erfolgreichen Start der neuen Netflix Original Serie Cursed – Die Auserwählte, die auf dem gleichnamigen Roman von Comicbuch-Legende Frank Miller und Screenwriter Tom Wheeler basiert, wird Serienprotagonistin Nimue (Katharine Langford) zusammen mit den Roten Paladinen nun in eine andere Welt gezogen.

Kakao Games und Pearl Abyss haben in Kooperation mit Netflix ein besonderes Crossover zu Cursed entwickelt: Für das Online-Rollenspiel Black Desert (erhältlich für PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS und Android-Geräte) wurde eine spezielle Quest-Reihe erschaffen, in der Nimue, die Hauptprotagonistin des Netflix Originals, zusammen mit den Roten Paladinen durch eine Falle in die Welt von Black Desert gelangt und zusammen mit den Spielern einen Weg zurück sucht.

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[2020-08-13 22:35:01] #Newsid: 16752 | View: 1136

Old timey arcade shooter Bartlow’s Dread Machine is out on Steam Early Access

Tribetoy and Beep Games, Inc. have released their old timey arcade shooter based on early 20th-century parlour game cabinets, Bartlow's Dread Machine, on Steam Early Access. The full version will launch this Fall on Xbox One and Steam.

Set entirely within the confines of this titular relic from the dawn of the Electric Age, Bartlow’s Dread Machine casts one to two players as government agents in a series of escapades through New York, San Francisco, and all across the continent as they seek to rescue the kidnapped President Roosevelt from the forces of evil. But beware, sinister forces are at work! 

Bound to the clockwork gizmos running this contraption, agents are mere metal figurines roving around on rails. But these aren’t any ordinary tin toys as they have free rein on how to navigate these forking networks of tracks. Think Pac-Man if he were made of metal, wore a cool peacoat, and was packing some serious heat! Sets made of wood and tin unfold around you in real-time as you navigate this immersive puppet show. Encounter a cast of improbable monsters and historical characters as you traverse the high seas and beyond using trains, ships and even a newfangled automobile!

Your journey begins in New York City with the discovery that President Teddy Roosevelt has been abducted by anarcho-satanists of the worst kind. Track his kidnappers across the Great Plains to the Pacific coast in today«s Early Access release, which contains the first three of six chapters. About once a month the game will be updated to include levels set at sea, deep in the Panamanian jungle, and finally in Washington D.C. as you close in on the culprit to save America from certain doom. 

The final game features a wealth of content with 6 worlds, 52 guns, and all manner of outfits to deck out your gumshoe. Unlock unique spins on historical characters, like Zombie General Custer and Annie Oakley. Plus the drop-in / drop-out couch co-op contains per-player difficulty, allowing each player to set the challenge level to their preference. 

Available now on Steam Early Access for PC, Bartlow’s Dread Machine will be available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Check out the Bartlow’s Dread Machine trailer here:
Visit the Bartlow's Dread Machine website:
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