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[2020-06-27 04:35:01] #Newsid: 16677 | View: 3416

PATHWAY launches on the Epic Games Store

Robotality and Chucklefish today announced that the rip-roaring turn-based strategy adventure PATHWAY and its game-changing Adventurers Wanted update are on the Epic Games Store!

First launched in 2019, developers Robotality listened to community feedback and remastered Pathway in the massive Adventurers Wanted update. Today Pathway features new AI and game balancing, new tactics and abilities, a new loot system, new combat arenas, and even more special narrative events and story to explore. That’s a lot of changes! Whether you’re a fresh adventurer or a veteran explorer, you’ll find something new to discover.

About Pathway
The year is 1936 and Nazi influence stretches across Europe and the Middle East. Rumors abound of secret excavations, mysterious artifacts, occult rituals and objects of immense power. In Pathway you’ll lead a team of bold adventurers into the deserts of Northern Africa to unearth ancient relics and uncover hidden treasures before they fall into evil hands. Pathway is a fast-paced tactics game in a world of pulp adventure. Run for cover, flank enemies and use your team’s special abilities to turn history in your favor!

You'll find Pathway available on Steam and the Epic Game Store. Follow our friends at Robotality on Discord, Twitter and Facebook. Want to follow Chucklefish too? You’ll find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Phew!

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