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SpielxPress - Welt der Spiele in einem Magazin. Folgen Sie uns auf den Spuren der Spiele aus aller Welt und unterhalten Sie sich - Spiele regen die Phantasie an und helfen zu entspannen.
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[2020-01-12 12:35:01] #Newsid: 16337 | View: 8046

Golf Peaks – the award-winning puzzler that fuses golfing and mountaineering is adding 12 new exciting levels

You don't even have to be a golfer or a mountaineer. The only thing you need is a Nintendo Switch console and the will to solve more than a few entertaining puzzles. Golf Peaks – a logic game that combines golfing and conquering mountain summits is now enriched by 12 additional levels.

Plan your strategy carefully and use action cards to move the golf ball towards the hole. Relax and immerse yourself in soothing music accompanied by beautiful minimalist graphics. Complete over 120 levels, discover 10 diverse worlds, and conquer the summits!

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