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[2017-12-18 04:35:03] #Newsid: 14969 | View: 4854

‘Boom Box Blue’ Available On STEAM

Indie game developer VaragtP Studios is proud to announce the release on STEAM for Boom Box Blue, a frenzied skill-based physics game suitable to players of all ages and experience levels. Your mission is to avoid and clear out the constant flow of descending meanie-crates of varying colors and size. While it sounds easy, its fast-paced Tetris-inspired action will quickly have you coming back for more.

Boom Box Blue challenges you to take charge of a hero crate that you control on the screen collecting stars and power-ups enabling you to level-up and upgrade your abilities between gameplay sessions later on. A constant flow of enemy crates of varying colors descend from above and must be avoided at all costs. By clever use of bombs, you can clear out the debris of stacking crates at the bottom. Strategy and quick reflexes are required to win, and the well-deserved breaks between gameplay sessions allow you to upgrade your abilities to better withstand the next round of incoming baddies. The option to carry more bombs with more powerful explosions is really cool, and by collecting hour-glasses you can slow down the action when things become too frantic!
Boom Box Blue is a physics-based game inspired by such classics as Tetris. Spontaneous bursts of wind add an element of surprise and will toss crates around on the screen. Seriously fun! And sometimes there will be blackouts for brief moments of time preventing you from having a clue of what’s going on. 
Boom Box Blue! On STEAM:
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