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[2018-06-09 06:35:01] #Newsid: 15311 | View: 30667

Football, Tactics & Glory available on Steam

Independent developer Creoteam announced that Football, Tactics & Glory, a never seen before strategic take on the beautiful game has launched commercially on Steam, after three years in Early Access. In Football, Tactics & Glory the set-up is simple: take the turn-based strategy and tactics more commonly associated with a particular alien invasion franchise and apply it to the game of football. The result is a deep, complex take on the world’s most popular sport.

“Football, Tactics & Glory is a football management game for strategy lovers and after three years in Early Access we are incredibly excited to launch commercially on Steam on its three year anniversary”, said Andrey Kostyushko, Managing Director at Creoteam. “Heavily influenced by turn-based strategy classics such as X-COM, Football, Tactics & Glory reinvents the basics of the football management genre making it appealing to everyone, not just hardcore football management aficionados”.

In Football, Tactics & Glory you’re tasked with managing a high-flying team that finds itself in the amateur leagues. Only by shrewd tactical know-how will you bring them back to the upper echelons of club football. You’re given 3 goes per turn (although this can rise with the elegant combo system) to man-manage your players to success, all of whom possess unique abilities that can be tinkered with away from the action. There’s a deep, robust campaign system enabling you to buy and train your players over many seasons as well as an on online mode where you can duke it out with friends to figure out whether you’re more José Mourinho or Pep Guardiola.

Football, Tactics & Glory also features some novel Twitch integration. The streaming platform’s chat influences the game with player’s motivations going up when they’re mentioned by the audience. Viewers might also take control of the game through the chat by voting what actions should occur, i.e. shooting, positioning, passing, creating an interesting tension between crowd and player. There’s also a deep face editing system allowing you to craft precisely the team you want to manage.


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