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[2018-12-02 01:35:01] #Newsid: 15577 | View: 3001

Get The Ball Rolling - SQUISHIES Exclusively For PlayStation VR

Independent game studio Brainseed Factory, known for their award-winning puzzler Typoman, have returned with another unique puzzle platforming experience. "It feels great to finally see the store page go live, though our Squishies journey is far from ended." says Brainseed Factory Founder and Producer Bilal Chbib. "It«s the kind of game that starts as a small sprouting seed, then - with the help of a vibrant community and new content that we aim to release on a regular basis - will grow into a giant sequoia!"

"Squishies is a magical place, with colorful plant life, funny creatures and engaging puzzles.", says Art Director Arton Rexhëbogaj. "You can easily lose track of time." Squishies is a Sony PlayStation VR exclusive and available for UK / US pre-order.

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