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[2017-12-24 01:35:01] #Newsid: 14985 | View: 3977

‘Bunny Mania 2’ On STEAM

Indie game developer Feelthere has a soft spot in their heart for cutesy bunnies and are inviting players to an unforgettable journey across the world on a quest to guide lost bunnies to their cozy home! Bunny Mania 2 has made the transition from mobile to PC via STEAM and offers an exciting puzzle game with fluffy challenges and tasks. 

Bunny Mania 2 takes its inspiration from classic games such as Lemmings and features an intuitive control system to control your bunnies. Your objective is to guide lost bunnies descending from the top of the screen to their cozy home at the bottom by building bridges, drilling holes, using shovels, placing stop signs, bombs, parachutes and other cool items. Collect carrots along the way and avoid getting your furry creatures lost or stuck.

* 4 Unique Game Worlds
* 60 Challenging Levels
* 10 Tools, Power-ups & Crates
* Elevators & Traps
* Hint System

Bunny Mania 2 on STEAM
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