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[2017-08-12 21:35:01] #Newsid: 14707 | View: 4615

‘VR Chair Games’ Updated On STEAM

Award-winning game developer and publisher EnsenaSoft is proud to announce an update to VR Chair Gameson STEAM, adding two new VR games offering additional gameplay and fun to its players. Available for HTC-Vive and Oculus Rift, VR Chair Gamesfeatures games suitable to VR enthusiasts of all experience levels.

VR Chair Games now includes the following list of games:

(NEW!) Wild Rider: 
Burn some rubber as you cruise down the highway at breathtaking speeds avoiding oncoming traffic

(NEW!) Balloons & Arrows: 
Perfect your targeting skills by shooting down ascending balloons for optimal points

Zombie Apocalypse: 
You are the last survivor of a zombie apocalypse and your task is to slay as many zombies as you can using your axe-wielding skills. Chop off their heads and destroy the zombies before they destroy you!

Alien Attack: 
Prepare to battle aliens in a fight for humanity. Tripod aliens are wreaking havoc on the world and only a true hero can save the world from eternal devastation. Prepare your lasers!

Colony Outpost: 
Evil bugs have infiltrated a colony outpost and it is your objective to destroy them. Are you up for the challenge?

Leprechaun«s Gold: 
Enjoy a night in the spooky Irish woods. Catch the Leprechaun in your gaze to snatch his Gold. Will you get away with it?

Blacksmith«s Forge: 
Your kingdom is in a desperate need of swords. You must enter the blacksmith and use the anvil to create weaponry before cooling your swords in the wooden barrel.

Championship Tennis: 
Show off your skills as a Tennis pro! Serve the ball and gain points for solid returns.

Soaring Eagle: 
Soar like an eagle as you make your way through checkpoints looking for missing feathers.

Download VR Chair Games today:
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